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15.018 Global Economic Challenges

Builds on the basic tools of macro and international economics to provide in-depth analysis of major global economic challenges. First half of course examines causes of, and responses to, financial crises. Begins with historical examples and builds up to the current global crisis. Covers topics such as bubbles, financial contagion, capital controls, and crisis prediction. Second half explores major global economic challenges, such as aging populations, global warming, massive trade imbalances, sovereign wealth funds, inequality and poverty, oil and commodity markets, outsourcing, foreign aid, international institutions, and the implications of increased competition from the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) and “frontier” economies. Completion of 15.012 or 15.015 recommended.

Region: Asia, Europe

MIT Department: Management Science

Contact: Dornbusch, Rudiger W.



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