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Digital Library Research Group

In the summer of 2002, the MIT Libraries formed a new Digital Library Research Group to continue the work of the DSpace project and to undertake new research projects relate to digital libraries and digital archiving. The Digital Library Research Group has received four grants for new projects, totaling approximately $2.4 million over the next three years. DSpace Federation Project In January 2003, the Libraries began a project with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to define the DSpace Federation in collaboration with 6 other major research institutesion in the U.S. and Canada: Columbia University, Cornell University, Ohio State University and the Universities of Rochester, Toronto and Washington. With support form MIT Libraries staff, these institutions will install, configure and evaluate DSpace, and define a business plan for its use in their own institutional content. They will also help develop the DSpace Federation’s business plan. DSpace @Cambridge DSpace @Cambridge is a collaborative project of Cambridge University Libary, the Cambridge University Computing Service and the MIT Libraries to extend DSpace into Cambridge University and the United Kingdom. This important initiative will help ensure that the collective digital intellectual resources of Cambridge Universtiy are systematically captured, preserved and made accessible for both present-day and long-term use. Funded by the Cambridge-MIT Institute (CMI), DSpace@Cambrdige will further develop the DSpace functionality as part of the DSpace Federation, of which Cambridge University is the sole representative from Europe. Strategies will be established for the University regarding deployment costs, intellectual property rights issues, organizational change, institutional governance, and policy issues base on the proposed implementation. Organizational Issues in Institutional Repository Development - A Seminar Series Also through CMI, the MIT Libraries will collaborate with the Cambridge Univeristy Library to provide a series of seminars dealing with the business aspects of developing digital institutional repositories in the U.K. Based on knowledge gained in the development of a sustainable business plan for MIT’s digital institutional repository. This series of seminars is meant to streamline the process of developing similar business plans for universities, archives, libraries and museums in the United Kingdom. In addition, MIT’s UK counterparts will have valuable contributions to make to our understanding of digital preservation costs and methods. SIMILE In the Fall of 2002, Hewlett-Packard Company, the original funder and development partner for the DSpace project, funded a follow-on research project called SIMILE (Semantic Interoperability of Metadat and Information in unLike Environments). The project is led by Professor Kager as also involves reserachers from Hewlett-Packard Labs, the Semantic Web Activity Group of the WorldWideWeb Consortium and the MIT Libraries.

Countries: Canada, United Kingdom

Region: Europe, North America

MIT Department: Libraries

Contact: MacKenzie Smith

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