Global Research Projects

Browse the projects and programs below to see what MIT researchers are working on around the world.

Media Lab Cities Partnerships

We propose that fundamentally new strategies must be found for creating the places where people live and work, and the mobility systems that connect these places, in order to meet the profound challenges of the future.

MIT-Mongolia Program

The MIT-Mongolia Program is a pilot program aiming to set the basis for larger collaborative projects between MIT and partners in Mongolia.

Infonavit Workshop

This workshop focused on three key issues for cities in Mexico: revitalizing abandoned space, improving infrastructure and urban service provision, and holistic planning for long-term sustainability.

The Urban-Rural Fringe in Jiangsu Province

This project aims to find models of urbanization that support common prosperity and stability alongside sustainability and livability.

Sustainability Discourse and Practice in Iceland

Through in-depth interviews, surveys, and GIS visualization in Iceland, researchers are studying how cultural, political, and economic institutions influence concepts and processes of sustainability.

Rural Water Supply Systems in India

Researchers are collaborating with the state governments of Gujarat and Maharashtra to develop a platform for planning sustainable rural water systems that can be scaled and adapted.

Erase the Border

This project tells the story of the Tohono O'odham people, whose town has been divided by a fence on the US-Mexico border, in order to research the potential of voice and media petitions for civic discourse.

Mapping the Savannah in Kenya

A team is developing a mobile app that will allow rangers to collect field data from incidents of poaching, trespassing, and coal logging as well as to log flora and fauna.

Prosthetic Fitting in Nairobi

Researchers have been working with local Kenyan prosthetists to eliminate ill-fitting sockets in order to improve the comfort level and quality of prostheses for amputees.

Particle Physics Collaboration

In pursuit of the completion of the Standard Model of particle physics, this group analyzes data from high-energy proton-proton collisions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.