Global Research Projects

Browse the projects and programs below to see what MIT researchers are working on around the world.

A Low-Cost Prosthetic Foot

Researchers are designing a new version of the Jaipur Foot, the most widely distributed prosthetic foot in the world, aiming to make a lighter, lower-cost prosthetic that can be mass-manufactured.

Abdul Latif Jameel World Water and Food Security Lab

J-WAFS works towards environmentally benign, scalable solutions for water and food systems across a range of regional, social, and economic contexts by incubating technologies and fostering innovative regional collaborations.

Accelerating Innovation in Brazil

This project examines how to better accelerate innovation in Brazil’s companies and industries, focusing on the role of the SENAI Innovation Institutes, a network of applied research centers in Brazil.

Adoption of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in Kenya

Researchers examined the effect of collateralized loans on the adoption of rainwater harvesting tanks and subsequent impacts on dairy production, time use, or girls’ enrollment in school.

Afghanistan's National Solidarity Research

Researchers in the MIT Department of Political Science, the World Bank, and the New Economic School in Moscow assessed the largest development aid program in Afghanistan.

Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at MIT

AKPIA@MIT is dedicated to the study of Islamic architecture, urbanism, visual culture, and conservation, responding to the cultural and educational needs of a global, diverse constituency.

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer

Located on the International Space Station and controlled from CERN in Switzerland, the AMS is used in an MIT-led experiment to study antimatter, dark matter, and cosmic rays.

Biomimicry and the Culinary Arts

Researchers are collaborating with Spanish chef Jose Andres to create biomimetic inventions at the margins of science and the culinary arts, inspired by floating flowers and water-walking insects.

Borders Research Collaboration

This collaboration between MIT, Sciences Po in France, and Columbia studies identities, kinship, citizenship, and the sense of belonging across national borders.

Bus Rapid Transit Across Latitudes and Cultures

MIT is working with a consortium of other institutions to develop a new framework for planning, design, financing, implementation and operation of Bus Rapid Transit in different urban areas.