Biology and bioengineering

Locomotion, Powered Prosthesis, and Exoskeleton Suit

This hybrid human-machine system research attempts to augment human capability, alleviate mobility disability in locomotion, and incorporate wearable sensors and electronic textiles.

Microbial Biodiesel from Waste Products

Researchers hope to produce low-cost microbial biodiesel from waste streams in India, where food and organic waste often accumulates in landfills or roadsides, releasing methane and posing a health hazard.

Monitoring Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Supported by the Madrid-MIT M+Visión Consortium, Team Albumin is developing novel MRI approaches for pancreatic cancer treatment monitoring through in vivo quantification of tissue albumin.

Optimal Experimental Design in Systems Biology

The mathematical and computational techniques developed in this project will be used to design efficient and informative experiments to help optimize industrial biotechnology processes.

Protein Purification using Magnetic Particles

Researchers aim to develop magnetic nanoparticles into an industrially relevant technology, looking in particular at the purification of monoclonal antibodies from animal cell culture broths.