Adoption of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in Kenya

Researchers examined the effect of collateralized loans on the adoption of rainwater harvesting tanks and subsequent impacts on dairy production, time use, or girls’ enrollment in school.

Afghanistan's National Solidarity Research

Researchers in the MIT Department of Political Science, the World Bank, and the New Economic School in Moscow assessed the largest development aid program in Afghanistan.

China Center for Financial Research

CCFR serves as an open research platform and connection point for researchers from Tsinghua University in China, MIT Sloan, and other institutions throughout China and the United States.

Emile Bustani Middle East Seminar

The annual Bustani Seminar invites experts on the Middle East to MIT to present recent research findings on politics, society and culture, and economic and technological development in the region.

J-PAL Latin America and Caribbean

Based at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, J-PAL LAC works across Latin America and the Caribbean to support researchers working on randomized trials and disseminating their results.

MIT Sloan-Epoch Collaboration

This partnership with the Epoch Foundation includes faculty research on Taiwan's industrial development and Chinese-based economies, executive education programs, and a biennial campus visit.

Mobile Phone-Based Agricultural Extension in India

Researchers examined the impact of offering cotton farmers toll-free access to agricultural information via mobile phone on their agricultural knowledge and practices.

Network Effects Between Enterprises in Uganda

Researchers are studying how small-scale businesses share information from finance and management training to determine whether such training programs could be made more cost-effective.

Solar Energy Pricing Schemes in Kenya

This evaluation tests how price and payment method affect the adoption of off-grid solar power among small retailers near Nairobi and if access to electricity can improve their businesses’ performance.