Integrated Energy Decision Support System

This project aims to create a modeling tool that will help decision makers explore possible energy mixes of conventional and renewable technologies to meet the growing energy demands of Saudi Arabia.

Kuwait-MIT Center for Natural Resources and the Environment

CNRE brings together faculty, students, and scientists to improve the scientific and technical understanding of natural resources and environmental issues.

Microbial Biodiesel from Waste Products

Researchers hope to produce low-cost microbial biodiesel from waste streams in India, where food and organic waste often accumulates in landfills or roadsides, releasing methane and posing a health hazard.

Off-Grid Water Purification in Rural India

To address chemical contamination in areas of India without access to grid electricity, researchers at the Tata Center are designing scalable, efficient, and sustainable water purification systems.

Solar Energy Pricing Schemes in Kenya

This evaluation tests how price and payment method affect the adoption of off-grid solar power among small retailers near Nairobi and if access to electricity can improve their businesses’ performance.

Solar-Fossil Fuel Power Generation in Saudi Arabia

Researchers are designing hybrid fossil fuel concentrated solar power plants, low temperature catalysts that can be used to store solar energy by reforming fuels, and clean flexible combustion.