Glaciers in Greenland

Researchers are studying past and present ice sheets in Greenland to determine relationships with ocean circulation and climate.

Hydrology and Malaria in Ethiopia

This project aims to investigate the impact of various environmental factors on mosquito productivity to help inform good decision-making for reservoir management in an effort to reduce local malaria.

Kuwait-MIT Center for Natural Resources and the Environment

CNRE brings together faculty, students, and scientists to improve the scientific and technical understanding of natural resources and environmental issues.

Mapping the Savannah in Kenya

A team is developing a mobile app that will allow rangers to collect field data from incidents of poaching, trespassing, and coal logging as well as to log flora and fauna.

Neoproterozoic Petroleum Systems of Oman

Researchers are studying the South Oman Salt Basin, host to the world's oldest known commercial deposits of petroleum, to learn more about past climate changes and the evolution of complex organisms.

Novel Air Pollution Sensors

Researchers have developed a network of low-cost, low-power sensors to monitor gas and particle phase atmospheric pollutants, and have deployed these sensors in the major cities of Delhi and Pune.

Sustainability Discourse and Practice in Iceland

Through in-depth interviews, surveys, and GIS visualization in Iceland, researchers are studying how cultural, political, and economic institutions influence concepts and processes of sustainability.