A Low-Cost Prosthetic Foot

Researchers are designing a new version of the Jaipur Foot, the most widely distributed prosthetic foot in the world, aiming to make a lighter, lower-cost prosthetic that can be mass-manufactured.

Detecting Early Signs of Neurodegenerative Disorders

These researchers are developing a new technology to detect early signs of Parkinson's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders via the finger interaction with electronic devices.

Electronic Posture Monitoring to Treat Scoliosis

This project aims to help scoliosis patients to control their spinal alignment via posture-monitoring electronics, potentially avoiding more traumatic therapeutic approaches.

Evaluating HIV/AIDS Education in Cameroon

This study aims to test if young girls in Cameroon are responsive to an HIV/AIDS education program and determine how different factors contribute to the success of such programs.

Evaluating Secondary School Scholarships in Ghana

In this ongoing study in Ghana, researchers are evaluating the effect of secondary school scholarships on enrollment and long-term employment and health outcomes.

Hydrology and Malaria in Ethiopia

This project aims to investigate the impact of various environmental factors on mosquito productivity to help inform good decision-making for reservoir management in an effort to reduce local malaria.

M+Visión Advanced Fellowship

This program aims to strengthen the career development of researchers in the area of biomedical imaging through fellowships to develop translational research projects in host organizations.

Monitoring Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Supported by the Madrid-MIT M+Visión Consortium, Team Albumin is developing novel MRI approaches for pancreatic cancer treatment monitoring through in vivo quantification of tissue albumin.

Novel Air Pollution Sensors

Researchers have developed a network of low-cost, low-power sensors to monitor gas and particle phase atmospheric pollutants, and have deployed these sensors in the major cities of Delhi and Pune.

Personalized Chemotherapy Regimes

Supported by the MIT-Madrid M+Visión Consortium, Team Leuko aims to develop home-based test of white blood cells that enables physicians to personalize chemotherapy and increase cancer survival.

Prosthetic Fitting in Nairobi

Researchers have been working with local Kenyan prosthetists to eliminate ill-fitting sockets in order to improve the comfort level and quality of prostheses for amputees.