Mechanical engineering

A Low-Cost Prosthetic Foot

Researchers are designing a new version of the Jaipur Foot, the most widely distributed prosthetic foot in the world, aiming to make a lighter, lower-cost prosthetic that can be mass-manufactured.

Locomotion, Powered Prosthesis, and Exoskeleton Suit

This hybrid human-machine system research attempts to augment human capability, alleviate mobility disability in locomotion, and incorporate wearable sensors and electronic textiles.

Prosthetic Fitting in Nairobi

Researchers have been working with local Kenyan prosthetists to eliminate ill-fitting sockets in order to improve the comfort level and quality of prostheses for amputees.

Solar-Fossil Fuel Power Generation in Saudi Arabia

Researchers are designing hybrid fossil fuel concentrated solar power plants, low temperature catalysts that can be used to store solar energy by reforming fuels, and clean flexible combustion.