Political science

Afghanistan's National Solidarity Research

Researchers in the MIT Department of Political Science, the World Bank, and the New Economic School in Moscow assessed the largest development aid program in Afghanistan.

China's Ideological Spectrum

This work offers the first large-scale empirical analysis of ideology in contemporary China to determine whether individuals fall along a discernible and coherent ideological spectrum.

Emile Bustani Middle East Seminar

The annual Bustani Seminar invites experts on the Middle East to MIT to present recent research findings on politics, society and culture, and economic and technological development in the region.

Political Order and Wars in the Central African Rep.

This work proposes a simple theoretical mechanism to explain the divergent trajectories of violence and political order in failed states, and tests the theory empirically using evidence from the CAR.

Political Violence and Partition in Ireland, 1920-21

This analysis examines the dynamics of political violence and partition in the conflict over the 1921 partition of Ireland.

The Effects of Electoral Experience on Citizen Behavior

This project looks at how elections affect ordinary citizens in new democracies, examining evidence from post-apartheid South Africa.