A Low-Cost Prosthetic Foot

Researchers are designing a new version of the Jaipur Foot, the most widely distributed prosthetic foot in the world, aiming to make a lighter, lower-cost prosthetic that can be mass-manufactured.

Connected Learning Initiative

The Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx) aims to improve the professional and academic prospects of high schools students from underserved communities in India.

Mapping Rural India

The software tool developed in this project uses satellite imagery to digitally map thousands of villages, roads, and farms to help planners and businesses reach the underserved rural population.

Microbial Biodiesel from Waste Products

Researchers hope to produce low-cost microbial biodiesel from waste streams in India, where food and organic waste often accumulates in landfills or roadsides, releasing methane and posing a health hazard.

MIT Club of New Delhi

The MIT Club of Delhi brings together members in professional and social forums where common interests, experiences, and desire for learning can be shared, and supports MIT with its initiatives in India.

Mobile Phone-Based Agricultural Extension in India

Researchers examined the impact of offering cotton farmers toll-free access to agricultural information via mobile phone on their agricultural knowledge and practices.

Novel Air Pollution Sensors

Researchers have developed a network of low-cost, low-power sensors to monitor gas and particle phase atmospheric pollutants, and have deployed these sensors in the major cities of Delhi and Pune.

Off-Grid Water Purification in Rural India

To address chemical contamination in areas of India without access to grid electricity, researchers at the Tata Center are designing scalable, efficient, and sustainable water purification systems.

Partnership with Indian School of Business

This partner program between the Indian School of Business and MIT Sloan focuses on developing leadership talent for Indian infrastructure and manufacturing industries.

Resilient Development for Rapid Urbanization

This research seeks to propose planning and development frameworks for rapidly emerging industrial regions like Kalinganagar, an up-and-coming city in the mineral-rich belt of Odisha, in eastern India.