MIT hosts China Summit, additional gatherings in Beijing

MIT News Office

Earlier this month, MIT President L. Rafael Reif traveled to China with MIT faculty, senior leadership, and the Executive Committee of the MIT Corporation — the Institute’s board of trustees — in order to host a marquee one-day summit; a gathering of MIT alumni in China; and smaller, satellite events led by MIT faculty. The gatherings attracted some of China’s most influential and innovative business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, government leaders, and academics to discuss some of the most exciting topics at the frontiers of science and technology and the role of research and education in shaping tomorrow’s world.

The MIT China Summit, which took place in Beijing on Nov. 13, and which was hosted in partnership with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, highlighted the longstanding relationship between MIT and China. Since the enrollment of the first MIT student from China 140 years ago, students, faculty, alumni, staff, and MIT’s many friends in China have built a strong foundation of familiarity and collaboration. Continue story....