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MIT Global Education Office

Explore the world with MIT!

MIT Global Education helps students explore all types of global education programs (including internships, IROPs, and service) and guides students who are considering, applying to and preparing for study abroad programs (for-credit experiences).


Imperial College Exchanges

MIT has two exchange programs with Imperial College London, with different departments participating:

Imperial Summer Research Exchange: MIT students can conduct research at Imperial College London during the summer. The summer research exchange program lasts for 7 weeks usually from late June/early July to mid-August.

Imperial Semester/Year Academic Exchange: MIT students can immerse themselves in the Imperial’s community of problem-solvers. Study at Imperial College London for the Spring semester of the junior year or the entire junior year.


UMRP is a collaboration between Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that launched in 2016 to create knowledge and human expertise for a future of sustainable development in Africa. 

Nepal Initiative

In January 2017, individual MIT students and student teams traveled to Nepal to work on a number of projects. 

Media Lab Cities Partnerships

We propose that fundamentally new strategies must be found for creating the places where people live and work, and the mobility systems that connect these places, in order to meet the profound challenges of the future.

Infonavit Workshop

This workshop focused on three key issues for cities in Mexico: revitalizing abandoned space, improving infrastructure and urban service provision, and holistic planning for long-term sustainability.

The Urban-Rural Fringe in Jiangsu Province

This project aims to find models of urbanization that support common prosperity and stability alongside sustainability and livability.

Nepal Earthquake Response

In response to the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in spring 2015, groups across MIT launched efforts to support relief and recovery needs in the hardest-hit regions.

Sustainability Discourse and Practice in Iceland

Through in-depth interviews, surveys, and GIS visualization in Iceland, researchers are studying how cultural, political, and economic institutions influence concepts and processes of sustainability.

Rural Water Supply Systems in India

Researchers are collaborating with the state governments of Gujarat and Maharashtra to develop a platform for planning sustainable rural water systems that can be scaled and adapted.