Global engagement is a fundamental part of MIT’s commitment to solving problems and improving lives.

The Institute has long worked with organizations, communities, and industries across the globe to push the limits of what science and technology can accomplish—but there is an opportunity to do more and reach further, and MIT is ready to meet that charge. 

"Mens et Manus" (Mind and Hand), the motto emblazoned on MIT’s seal, speaks to the Institute’s time-honored tradition of turning extraordinary ideas into powerful realities.

Students and faculty at MIT aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty if they can improve, evolve, or fix some aspect of the world around them—and the world is benefitting in powerful ways from this pioneering spirit.

The Global MIT website is designed to fulfill four important goals:

  • to highlight and inform about our international engagements;
  • to share the stories of how MIT students, faculty and partners are making a difference on the international stage;
  • to share opportunities for global involvement for the MIT community and beyond;
  • and to continue the important and ongoing dialog about MIT’s role in innovation on a global scale.

Associate Provost for International Activities Richard Lester, Special Assistant to Associate Provost for International Activities Bernd Widdig, and Assistant Director for International Activities Mihaela Papa encourage those within and outside of the MIT community to connect with them on any aspect of MIT’s global engagements and to discuss including their project on this site.

You may submit an international program or project to be considered for inclusion on the Global MIT website by sending a message outlining your request to Nicole Cross