Our Team

The Office of the Vice Provost for International Activities supports much of MIT’s work around the world

To deliver on our mission of advancing knowledge, educating students, and serving the nation and the world, the Institute must fully commit to strong and open relationships with international partners. 

Our team’s functions and responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the Institute’s international activities
  • Overseeing major global engagements
  • Developing and implementing global strategy
  • Managing diplomatic functions
  • Coordinating international risk reviews
  • Offering strategic advice and counsel to the Institute

Who we are

Dr. Lester is Vice Provost for International Activities and Japan Steel Industry Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering. He is also the founder and chair of the MIT Industrial Performance Center. 

Dr. Lester’s research focuses on innovation, productivity and industrial competition, and he has led major research projects on innovation and industry performance in the U.S. and around the world. He is also well known for his research on energy and climate policy and nuclear policy. His most recent book, Unlocking Energy Innovation, with David M. Hart, outlines a strategy for mobilizing America’s innovation resources in support of the transition to an affordable, reliable low-carbon global energy system. He is also the author or co-author of seven other books on innovation management and policy, productivity, energy technology, and nuclear policy.

Dr. Tidor is Deputy Vice Provost for International Activities and Professor of Biological Engineering and Computer Science.
Dr. Tidor is a computational biologist interested in the development of new molecules designed for health and biotechnology applications. His work on the determinants of molecular complementarity, binding affinity and specificity are staples in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. At MIT, he has served as associate chair of the faculty, director of multiple international programs, and founding director of the Computational and Systems Biology graduate program.

Natalia coordinates operational and administrative support for the MIT Portugal Program, both within MIT and in close collaboration with colleagues in Portugal. Natalia also supports new international program development initiatives with colleagues in the Vice Provost’s office and beyond.

Prior to joining the Vice Provost’s Office, Natalia worked for five years at MIT Skoltech Program. She holds a Master of Education degree with a concentration in Higher Education Administration from Northeastern University.  

Contact: nbilling@mit.edu

Diana provides comprehensive administrative support to the Vice Provost of International Activities. She is responsible for the research, management, and execution of special projects to help ensure all international activities are in alignment with MIT’s overarching global strategy. She also works closely with the Director of Global Partnerships and the Manager of External Relations to foster MIT’s relationships with international partner institutions. 

Diana has extensive experience in business operations and project management with educational, international, and non-profit organizations. She received her B.A. in Japanese Language and Literature from Pomona College of the Claremont Colleges, and is JLPT N1 certified. 

Contact: ddao@mit.edu

Linda was a Program Manager in the Office of Major Agreements for four years before joining the Vice Provost’s office in 2019. In her current Global Support role, she is primarily responsible for providing administrative support to the International Coordinating Committee (ICC) in its review of international engagements, particularly those involving elevated risk countries and potential review by the Senior Risk Group (SRG). 

She joined MIT in 2011 as a Program Manager in the MIT Skoltech Initiative.

Contact: ldionne@mit.edu 

As Senior Director, Beth works with stakeholders across the Institute to promote and coordinate collaborations in different regions of the world, with a particular focus on China, Africa, and Latin America, as outlined in A Global Strategy for MIT. Beth also advises the Vice Provost on the overall management of the office.  

Previously, Beth worked primarily in government, serving as an aide to former Senator Edward M. Kennedy in Washington and Ambassador Caroline Kennedy in Tokyo, as well as being special assistant to former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Sarah Brown. Beth has a degree in International Affairs with a focus on East Asian Studies.

Contact:  dupuye@mit.edu 

As Director, Global Programs, Deliana works closely with colleagues across the institute to facilitate and coordinate new international research and capacity building programs and efforts. In addition, Deliana provides operational and administrative support to current institute-level international programs, such as the MIT Portugal Program and previously the MIT Skoltech Program.

Prior to joining MIT, Deliana spent many years in the corporate sector, including with Shell and EY. She has a law degree from the Leiden University in the Netherlands, and a LLM in Environmental and Energy Law.

Contact: edernst@mit.edu

Tammy maintains and develops the database of global collaborations under review by the International Coordinating Committee (ICC), and helps coordinate the ICC/SRG review of these programs, including sponsor due diligence reporting and other decision support documentation. Tammy also manages the ICC website and oversees the operational needs of the Global Support function. 

Prior to joining the Vice Provost’s Office, Tammy worked at MIT for five years, in the Office of Major Agreements and initially at the MIT Skoltech Initiative.

Contact: tammyg@mit.edu

As Director of Global Support, Magdalene works closely with colleagues both within and beyond the Office in support of institutional and faculty international activities. She facilitates the ICC/SRG elevated risk review process and serves as chair of the International Coordinating Committee (ICC) and several MIT subsidiaries. 
Prior to joining the Vice Provost’s Office in 2022, Magdalene was the Associate Comptroller of the Boston University. She also worked at MIT previously as Assistant Director of the Office of Major Agreements and Assistant Controller at VPF. She is a Certified Public Accountant and has a Master of Business Administration.

Contact: mcnlee@mit.edu

Chrissy is responsible for the financial operations of the MIT Portugal Program and the financial wind down of MIT Skoltech Program, in close cooperation with colleagues across MIT. She also provides financial support to new international program development initiatives.

Chrissy joined MIT in 2012 and, prior to joining the Vice Provost’s Office, Chrissy worked at the MIT Federal Credit Union, VPF,  and the MIT Skoltech Program.

Contact: ccopson@mit.edu

Adriana manages communications regarding MIT’s international activities and is responsible for planning and coordinating high-level foreign visits to campus.
Before joining MIT, Adriana worked at Perkins School for the Blind managing the programs and communications related to Latin America and the Caribbean. Previously, she worked as a career diplomat with the Mexican Foreign Service in Alaska, Boston, and Berlin. She speaks Spanish and German fluently. She has a MA and a BA in International Affairs. 

Contact: adraag@mit.edu