Report by the MIT China Strategy Group

University Engagement with China: An MIT Approach

In early 2021, President Reif asked a small group of senior MIT faculty and administrators with expertise on U.S.-China relations and technological competitiveness to develop a set of principles and recommendations for how MIT should approach its engagement with Chinese organizations and individuals. Read the full report of the MIT Strategy Group , University Engagement with China: An MIT Approach.

The report charts a path for MIT to conduct academic interactions and collaborations with individuals and organizations in China in ways that uphold the core values of the Institute. It considers how and when to engage in such interactions so they will advance knowledge and the needs of the nation and the world – without violating principles that are core to the MIT community, without endangering human rights, and without damaging U.S. interests in security or the economy. The report is also intended to contribute to discussions of this subject at other universities.

The MIT China Strategy Group consists of the following members:

  • Richard Lester (co-chair), Vice Provost for International Activities and Japan Steel Industry Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering
  • Lily Tsai (co-chair), Chair of the Faculty; Ford Professor of Political Science; Director, MIT Gov/Lab
  • Suzanne Berger, John M. Deutch Institute Professor and Professor of Political Science
  • Peter Fisher, Thomas A. Frank (1977) Professor of Physics; Director, MIT Office of Research Computing and Data
  • M. Taylor Fravel, Arthur and Ruth Sloan Professor of Political Science; Director, Security Studies Program
  • David Goldston, Director, MIT Washington Office
  • Yasheng Huang, Epoch Foundation Professor of International Management; Director of Action Learning at MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Daniela Rus, Andrew (1956) and Erna Viterbi Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Director, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
  • Elizabeth Dupuy, Senior Director, Office of the Vice Provost for International Activities; Staff to the MIT China Strategy Group

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