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One woman speaks from the podium with five people standing to her left.

Visting scholars from Ukraine kick off Global MIT At-Risk Fellows Program

Even before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine two years ago, members of the MIT faculty knew that violence and political pressures in the region endangered the work and well-being of Ukrainian scholars and contemplated how MIT could assist. The start of the full-scale invasion in February 2022 was the decisive catalyst — triggering the launch of […]

In a time of war, a new effort to help

Russia’s ongoing full-scale invasion of Ukraine, commencing in February 2022, is continuing to cause immense upheaval and destruction, and Ukrainians continue to fight to defend their nation-state. Last fall, MIT launched its MIT-Ukraine program, an effort to find ways to leverage the Institute’s expertise and resources to help a country devastated by war. This has […]

Ian Miller and Evan Platt in Ukraine

Responding to Ukraine’s “ocean of suffering”

Within 72 hours of the first Russian missiles striking Kyiv, Ukraine, in February 2022, Ian Miller SM ’19 boarded a flight for Poland. Later, he’d say he felt motivated by Kyiv’s “tragic ocean of suffering” and Ukrainian President Zelensky’s pleas for help. But he arrived with little notion of what to do. As he’d anticipated, […]

Assessing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, after a year of war

Ukraine has been withstanding Russia’s invasion for slightly more than a year. One element of this resistance has been the military aid many allies have provided Ukraine. But surely the most important factor, ever since Russia attacked in February 2022, has been the strong sense of solidarity Ukranians have displayed in their attempt to keep […]

Ukrainian Bandura

Building bridges to Ukraine through language, art, and community

In a new course that ran this Independent Activities Period (IAP), MIT students studied Ukrainian language and culture and heard from Ukrainian scholars, artists, and activists about the country and the ongoing struggle against the devastating Russian invasion. As Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Maria Khotimsky, senior lecturer in Russian […]

Flag of Ukraine

Where Russia’s invasion of Ukraine stands

Editor’s note: Since this event was held on Oct. 7, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has continued to evolve, including airstrikes on Ukranian cities following an explosion that damaged a key bridge linking Russia to Crimea. More than seven months after Russia invaded Ukraine, the battlefield map has shown recent progress for Ukranian forces — and […]

What Russia’s invasion of Ukraine means for the world

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has global implications. A panel of MIT foreign policy experts convened on Monday to examine those reverberations — on European domestic politics, the refugee crisis, great-power relations, and nuclear security. Currently Ukraine has experienced widespread devastation, and millions of Ukrainians have fled their homes as refugees. Many countries have allied to […]

“Yulia’s Dream” to support young, at-risk Ukrainian students of mathematics

Millions have fled the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and for those who are staying, schools are closed. While refugee-supporting programs focus on immediate needs, the Department of Mathematics’ MIT PRIMES program plans to use its resources to support the mathematics education of Ukrainian high school students. In honor of Yulia Zdanovska, a 21-year-old Ukrainian mathematician […]

MIT community stands with Ukraine at candlelight rally

People from across MIT gathered outside the Student Center on March 3 for a candlelight rally to support MIT’s Ukrainian community and condemn attacks on Ukraine by Russian forces. “It was great to see so many people that I’ve never met before come together,” said Ukrainian third-year student Mariia Smyk. “It was such a powerful […]