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SPURS Fellowships offer time out to reflect, learn, and connect

The MIT Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies has hosted more than 750 mid-career individuals from 135 nations who are or will be shaping policy in their home countries.

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President Mokgweetsi Masisi of Botswana visits the Legatum Center at MIT

His delegation’s trip to campus included a conference on entrepreneurship and a meeting with Institute President Sally Kornbluth.

MIT-Mexico Program fosters cross-border collaboration

For two decades, MIT-Mexico has funded student internships and teaching, as well as faculty research collaborations.

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MIT-Mexico Program fosters cross-border collaboration

Favianna Colón Irizarry spent last summer at Tecnológico de Monterrey, working alongside Mexican biotechnology researchers to develop a biodegradable coating that prolongs the shelf life of local foods. Assisting in this and other innovative projects at one of Mexico’s top research institutions was the opportunity of a lifetime, for sure. But, for Colón Irizarry, it’s […]

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Atmospheric observations in China show rise in emissions of a potent greenhouse gas

To achieve the aspirational goal of the Paris Agreement on climate change — limiting the increase in global average surface temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels — will require its 196 signatories to dramatically reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Those greenhouse gases differ widely in their global warming potential (GWP), or ability […]

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A revolutionary, bold educational endeavor for Belize

When 14-year-old Jahzhia Moralez played a vocabulary game that involved jumping onto her friend like a backpack, she knew Itz’at STEAM Academy wasn’t like other schools in Belize. Transferring from a school that assigned nearly four hours of homework every night, Moralez found it strange that her first week at Itz’at was focused on having […]

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Lessons from Fukushima: Prepare for the unlikely

When a devastating earthquake and tsunami overwhelmed the protective systems at the Fukushima Dai’ichi nuclear power plant complex in Japan in March 2011, it triggered a sequence of events leading to one of the worst releases of radioactive materials in the world to date. Although nuclear energy is having a revival as a low-emissions energy […]

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Visting scholars from Ukraine kick off Global MIT At-Risk Fellows Program

Even before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine two years ago, members of the MIT faculty knew that violence and political pressures in the region endangered the work and well-being of Ukrainian scholars and contemplated how MIT could assist. The start of the full-scale invasion in February 2022 was the decisive catalyst — triggering the launch of […]

How free online courses from MIT can “transform the future of the world”

From full introductory courses in engineering, psychology, and computer science to lectures about financial concepts, linguistics, and music, the MIT OpenCourseWare YouTube channel has it all — offering millions of learners around the world a pathway to develop new skills and broaden their knowledge base with free offerings from MIT educators. “I believe OpenCourseWare and […]

A careful rethinking of the Iraq War

The term “fog of war” expresses the chaos and uncertainty of the battlefield. Often, it is only in hindsight that people can grasp what was unfolding around them. Now, additional clarity about the Iraq War has arrived in the form of a new book by MIT political scientist Roger Petersen, which dives into the war’s […]

Investigating and preserving Quechua

Soledad Chango, a native of Ecuador and a graduate student in MIT’s Indigenous Language Initiative, began preparations for her Quechua course with a clear idea about its purpose. “Our language matters,” she says. “It’s worth studying and spreading.” Quechua at MIT, a new two-week introductory class hosted by MIT Global Languages during the Institute’s Independent […]

3 Questions: The Climate Project at MIT

MIT is preparing a major campus-wide effort to develop technological, behavioral, and policy solutions to some of the toughest problems now impeding an effective global climate response. The Climate Project at MIT, as the new enterprise is known, includes new arrangements for promoting cross-Institute collaborations and new mechanisms for engaging with outside partners to speed […]