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At Climate Grand Challenges showcase event, an exploration of how to accelerate breakthrough solutions

Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry calls the initiative “classic MIT.”

MIT in the world

J-PAL launches the Egypt Impact Lab to improve lives through evidence-informed policymaking

New collaboration aims to strengthen Egypt’s poverty alleviation policies through rigorous evaluation and innovation.

Leveraging science and technology against the world’s top problems

From nuclear proliferation to climate change, Richard K. Lester taps research talent to map a path toward a sustainable planet.

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Pushing the envelope with fusion magnets

“At the age of between 12 and 15 I was drawing; I was making plans of fusion devices.” David Fischer remembers growing up in Vienna, Austria, imagining how best to cool the furnace used to contain the hot soup of ions known as plasma in a fusion device called a tokamak. With plasma hotter than […]

MIT celebrates Women’s Entrepreneurship Month

The women’s entrepreneurial experience at MIT started in 1870, when Ellen Henrietta Swallow first set foot on campus as an “experimental student.” Some 30 years later, she became the second president of the MIT Women’s Association, organized with her help “to promote greater fellowship among Institute women.” In the years since, the immeasurable contribution of […]

Transatlantic research and study partnership continues amid the pandemic

“Global issues can only be solved with international collaboration and innovative ideas,” states Professor Maggie Dallman, vice president (international) at Imperial College London. “The MIT-Imperial College London Seed Fund provides a platform for scientists to do that.” The fund, managed by MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) on behalf of the associate provost for […]

A new world of warcraft

In the past decade, high tech tools have proliferated in the world’s fighting forces. At least 80 nations can now deploy remote-controlled drones. Will the widespread use of digitally enhanced arsenals prove a destabilizing, if not destructive, element in the complex struggles among states? Not necessarily, argues assistant professor of political science Erik Lin-Greenberg ’09, […]

Democracy in distress?

When the Cold War ended in the early 1990s, it seemed democracy had triumphed among political systems. But more recently, many democracies have run into a common set of troubles, with authoritarian leaders grasping enough power to create illiberal regimes. Understanding how this happens was the focus of MIT’s Oct. 23 Starr Forum, an online […]

Saudi Arabia faces increased heat, humidity, precipitation extremes by mid-century

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is at a crossroads. Recent long-term studies of the area indicate that rising temperatures and evaporation rates will likely further deplete scarce water resources critical to meeting the nation’s agricultural, industrial, and domestic needs; more extreme flooding events could endanger lives, economic vitality, and infrastructure; and a combination of […]

Examining the French stage during the Enlightenment and French Revolution

The MIT Press recently published “Databases, Revenues and Repertory: The French Stage Online, 1680-1793,” an innovative collection of original essays that explore an important initiative in the digital humanities, the Comédie-Française Registers Project (CFRP). This international online collaboration consists of high-resolution reproductions of the detailed daily box office receipts for the Comédie-Française theater troupe in […]

Why soldiers fight

Matthew Cancian concluded his service in the U.S. Marine Corps in 2013, but in some ways he never left his Afghanistan battlefield experience behind. A rising fifth-year doctoral candidate in political science, Cancian researches what motivates people to enlist and to engage in combat. “It could be said that my dissertation is a poorly disguised […]

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