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Beijing Urban Design Studio

Created in partnership with Tsinghua University, this course brings students to Beijing, where they work in teams to create a plan for architecture, city design, and implementation of an urban project.

Biomimicry and the Culinary Arts

Researchers are collaborating with Spanish chef Jose Andres to create biomimetic inventions at the margins of science and the culinary arts, inspired by floating flowers and water-walking insects.

Borders Research Collaboration

This collaboration between MIT, Sciences Po in France, and Columbia studies identities, kinship, citizenship, and the sense of belonging across national borders.

Bus Rapid Transit Across Latitudes and Cultures

MIT is working with a consortium of other institutions to develop a new framework for planning, design, financing, implementation and operation of Bus Rapid Transit in different urban areas.

Center for Clean Water and Clean Energy

A partnership between MIT and King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) in Saudi Arabia, CCWCE focuses on research in desalination, low-carbon energy, and related areas.

Center for Transportation and Logistics

For more than 40 years, the MIT CTL has been a world leader in supply chain management, logistics, and transportation education and research

China Center for Financial Research

CCFR serves as an open research platform and connection point for researchers from Tsinghua University in China, MIT Sloan, and other institutions throughout China and the United States.

China's Ideological Spectrum

This work offers the first large-scale empirical analysis of ideology in contemporary China to determine whether individuals fall along a discernible and coherent ideological spectrum.