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Hydrology and Malaria in Ethiopia

This project aims to investigate the impact of various environmental factors on mosquito productivity to help inform good decision-making for reservoir management in an effort to reduce local malaria.

IAP in Ancient Greece

During Independent Activities Period (IAP) in January, undergraduates can get a first-hand experience of Greek art and archaeology in the heart of Athens, and across the landscape of central Greece.

Identifying Placental Inefficiency

Supported by the Madrid-MIT M+Visión Consortium, Team Fetal aims to use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to identify placental insufficiency that may put a fetus at risk.

Identifying Resistant Cancers Earlier

Supported by the MIT-Madrid M+Visión Consortium, Team Tx Response is working on a way to measure the effectiveness of cancer therapies and identify resistant cancers early in treatment.


ImpactLabs identifies areas of need in target communities and work with students to come up with engineering solutions.

Infonavit Workshop

This workshop focused on three key issues for cities in Mexico: revitalizing abandoned space, improving infrastructure and urban service provision, and holistic planning for long-term sustainability.

Integrated Energy Decision Support System

This project aims to create a modeling tool that will help decision makers explore possible energy mixes of conventional and renewable technologies to meet the growing energy demands of Saudi Arabia.

International Development Group

The IDG at MIT is the longest-standing and largest program within a U.S. planning school devoted to graduate study and research in subjects specific to the developing world.

International Faculty Fellows

The IFF program invites faculty from international partner institutions and other collaborating schools to MIT Sloan for a semester of teaching and research development.

International Nuclear Leadership Education Program

This course for nuclear industry leaders focuses on the governance strategies, operational practices, and technologies required for a successful nuclear energy program.