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Mapping the Savannah in Kenya

A team is developing a mobile app that will allow rangers to collect field data from incidents of poaching, trespassing, and coal logging as well as to log flora and fauna.

Master of Science in Management Studies

This program accepts top MBA or equivalent master's degree students from non-U.S. business schools to study a specific field in depth while working alongside world-renowned MIT Sloan faculty and students.

Media Lab Cities Partnerships

We propose that fundamentally new strategies must be found for creating the places where people live and work, and the mobility systems that connect these places, in order to meet the profound challenges of the future.

Microbial Biodiesel from Waste Products

Researchers hope to produce low-cost microbial biodiesel from waste streams in India, where food and organic waste often accumulates in landfills or roadsides, releasing methane and posing a health hazard.

MIT Association of Japan

This association provides alumni, as well as researchers, professors, and program participants from a range of disciplines, opportunities to get to know each other and to maintain a connection to MIT in Japan.

MIT Club of Beijing

The MIT Club of Beijing is a volunteer organization committed to creating a strong local community for MIT alumni in Beijing as well as providing a link to MIT. 

MIT Club of Chile

This club organizes various events in Chile, such as lectures and seminars with leading personalities from home and abroad, fellowship dinners, and sporting events involving mainly MIT alumni.

MIT Club of Cyprus

The goals of this club are to offer activities for MIT alumni in Cyprus, encourage alumni to stay connected to MIT, and to provide outreach to potential future students of MIT.

MIT Club of Germany

The MIT Club of Germany aims to bring MIT alumni/ae and friends of MIT living throughout Germany closer together for friendship, profession, cooperation, and business.

MIT Club of Hong Kong

The MIT Club of Hong Kong is one of the longest-operating MIT alumni/ae clubs outside of the US. The club aims to advance the interests of the Institute and serve the MIT community in Hong Kong.

MIT Club of Israel

Established in 1955, the MIT Club of Israel strives to create a strong community of Israel-based individuals who are alumni of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MIT Club of Korea

The MIT Club of Korea offers social programs in a setting that provides the opportunity to connect personally and professionally with other alumni.