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At Climate Grand Challenges showcase event, an exploration of how to accelerate breakthrough solutions

Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry calls the initiative “classic MIT.”

MIT in the world

J-PAL launches the Egypt Impact Lab to improve lives through evidence-informed policymaking

New collaboration aims to strengthen Egypt’s poverty alleviation policies through rigorous evaluation and innovation.

Leveraging science and technology against the world’s top problems

From nuclear proliferation to climate change, Richard K. Lester taps research talent to map a path toward a sustainable planet.

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Advancing nuclear detection and inspection

If not for an episode of soul-searching at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Areg Danagoulian ’99 might have remained content pummeling protons with photons and advancing experimental nuclear physics. Instead, the assistant professor of nuclear science and engineering took off on a different trajectory. “At Los Alamos, where I worked after my doctoral research, I began […]

Creating a network of drivers to lift a community

Finding success in a big, informal market of a developing country is a tall task for any new company — which makes Nigerian mobility startup Max NG’s success all the more distinctive. The company is currently disrupting not just one huge market of West Africa, but two. In the four years since its founding, Max […]

Microparticles could help fight malnutrition

About 2 billion people around the world suffer from deficiencies of key micronutrients such as iron and vitamin A. Two million children die from these deficiencies every year, and people who don’t get enough of these nutrients can develop blindness, anemia, and cognitive impairments. MIT researchers have now developed a new way to fortify staple […]

From 3D-printed limbs to semi-autonomous race cars

In early October, the MIT International Design Center and the MIT Edgerton Center hosted a panel discussion on “Envisioning the Future of Technology-Enabled Mobility.” Moderated by Edgerton Center Director and Professor of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering J. Kim Vandiver, panelists included Robert Bond, chief technology officer of MIT Lincoln Laboratory; Dan Frey, professor of mechanical […]

Homegrown help: Seeding a culture of innovation in Nigeria

Nigeria may not be known as a global hub for innovation, but officials there hope someday it will be. And they’ve recruited MIT Professional Education to help jump-start the process. In September, more than 80 top federal civil service officials from across ministries, departments and government agencies in Nigeria gathered in the capital city of […]

Scaling up a cleaner-burning alternative for cookstoves

For millions of people globally, cooking in their own homes can be detrimental to their health, and sometimes deadly. The World Health Organization estimates that 3.8 million people a year die as a result of the soot and smoke generated in traditional wood-burning cookstoves. Women and children in particular are at risk of pneumonia, stroke, […]

New process could make hydrogen peroxide available in remote places

Hydrogen peroxide, a useful all-purpose disinfectant, is found in most medicine cabinets in the developed world. But in remote villages in developing countries, where it could play an important role in health and sanitation, it can be hard to come by. Now, a process developed at MIT could lead to a simple, inexpensive, portable device […]

MIT Policy Lab issues fifth call for proposals to faculty and researchers

The MIT Policy Lab at the Center for International Studies, which encourages academically informed solutions to major public policy challenges, has announced its fifth call for proposals. The Policy Lab works with faculty at MIT to develop strategies for creating two-way dialogues between scholars and policymakers, helping to ensure that public policies are informed by the […]

At the Center for International Studies, a student endowment for women in international affairs

The Center for International Studies has announced that its longtime colleague, the sociologist of science and national security Jeanne Guillemin, has established an endowed fund to provide financial support to female PhD candidates studying international affairs. The first disbursements of this fund will be made in the spring for the next academic year.  “My hope is […]

MIT expands global supply chain research with opening of new facilities in Ningbo, China

The Ningbo Supply Chain Innovation Institute China (NSCIIC) has strengthened its role as China’s premier center for supply chain research and education with the appointment of Jiequn “Jay” Guo as center director, and the opening of new facilities at its Meishan campus near the port of Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. Guo has pledged to expand NSCIIC’s […]

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