The MIT-Imperial College London Seed Fund awards grants to six projects

Six projects were selected from among the proposals submitted by faculty and research scientists across all departments and research groups at both MIT and Imperial College London. These projects aim to lead to high impact research, discovery science, and the deployment of frontier technologies.
The MIT-Imperial College London Seed Fund is part of the MIT Global Seed Funds program, offered in collaboration with the Center for International Studies and the Office of the Vice Provost for International Activities. The fund seeds activity that supports engagement with the National Science Foundation (NSF), UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), and other related national and supra-national bodies/programs.

Co-development of a Robotic Manipulation Platform with Tactile Sensing

  • Sangbae Kim, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 
  • Adam Spiers, Imperial College London

Embedding Artificial Intelligence on chips to see Dark Matter

Pre-patterned Freestanding Single-crystalline Lithium Niobate Photonic Components for Advanced Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuits for etch-free integration process

Multi-sensory Thermo-Tactile Displays for Medical Simulation

User-Driven Experiments for Sustainable Lunar Mining Architectures

Zooming in to the Inner Disk: Unveiling Terrestrial Planet Formation

For more information, visit the page of the MIT Global Seed Funds program and the press release issued by the Center for International Studies.